Why Quest


If you have a teen or employee driver you need an evaluation by Quest Driving Safety for your driver.  Keep these facts in mind:

Parents know their kid as their kid, not as a driver.

Good kid does not equal good driver!

Driving is the most dangerous activity parents let their kid do.

You are responsible for the actions your teen or employee driver takes behind the wheel. With this in mind you need an unbiased and professional opinion on how safe they are driving. Parents know their kids as their kids not as drivers.

Quest provides you with an accurate driver evaluation by a member a of law enforcement. All of our evaluators have real world experience and knowledge regarding the driving actions that result in traffic collisions.

Because the electronic/GPS devices available in the market place are not replacements for a real expert driving evaluator. Quest Driving Safety offers parents and business owners the ability to detect numerous unsafe driving actions that are beyond an electronic device capability, such as:

• Following other vehicles at an unsafe distance
• Speed unsafe for conditions, example: 30 MPH on roadway v. 30 MPH in a parking lot or construction zone
• Unsafe lane changes
• Unsafe driving actions in an intersection
• U-turns at improper location
• Number of passengers in a vehicle
• Driving too close to parked vehicles or edge of roadway
• Failure to yield for pedestrians
• Distracted driving (texting, cell phone use, passengers)
• Consuming alcoholic beverages while driving and many other unsafe driving actions

Periodic evaluations by Quest Driving Safety will help your teen or employee driver operate a motor vehicle with safety in mind. It is a positive thing when your teen or employee driver puts the key in the ignition and thinks, “Is today the day Quest is going to evaluate my driving?”


We invite you to view the video below for an overview of the services offered by Quest Driving Safety