Why should I purchase a driving evaluation?

Parents, business owners and fleet operators need to know how their teen driver or employee is driving.  The reality is driving is the most dangerous act parents allow their kids to do.  The parent or the business owner is a stake holder and held ultimately responsible when their teen driver or employee is involved in a traffic collision.

A Quest Driving Safety evaluation provides you with valuable information as to just how safe your teen or employee driver is operating a motor vehicle.

I have concerns about having a driving evaluation done on my kid.  Won’t it send the message that I do not trust him?

We recommend you advise your teen driver that as a condition of his/her driving a motor vehicle you are going to have periodic driving evaluations done to insure they are safe on the roadway.  The evaluations will be done to help them develop safe driving habits and assist you in determining when driving privileges should be increased or decreased.

We are providing you with a report card on how safe your teen operates a motor vehicle.  This is not an issue of trust.  No matter how trustworthy their teenager is most parents read their kids report card when it comes in the mail rather than asking their kid what their grades are.

What is the turnaround time from the time I order the evaluation to the time I get the results?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days.

Who does Quest Driving Safety use as evaluators?

All of our driving evaluators are members of law enforcement (active or honorably retired) with experience in traffic safety and enforcement.  Our evaluators would prefer to write and evaluation on your driver rather then write them a ticket or respond to their traffic collision.