Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens

350,000 teens each year are treated in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in motor vehicle collisions

One in Four teen drivers will be involved in a motor vehicle crash during their first year of driving



Quest Driving Safety provides driving evaluations for parents conducted by experienced law enforcement professionals. Parents are held responsible for the actions of their teen driver in the event of a car crash. Parents need accurate, real world information regarding their teens driving skills and habits.

Once a Quest Driving evaluation has been conducted on your teen driver you will have detailed information which will enable you to coach your teen on how to improve their driving and keep them safe.


Brett and Mary Brown’s 16 year old son Bill recently received his driver’s license.  Bill has been driving the family car to school and on weekend outings.  The Brown’s were told by a concerned neighbor that Bill was driving at a high rate of speed in a shopping center parking lot.

Mary Brown visits the Quest Driving Safety website and completes the online request form to have a driving evaluation done on her son Bill.  Mary provides Quest Driving Safety detailed information such as the description, license plate of the car Bill drives and the address of his school.  Mary also provides the time Bill leaves to and from school.

After receiving the evaluation request, Quest Driving Safety e-mails Mary Brown a Parent Teen Driver Resource Packet that includes a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement The Browns meet with Bill to complete the agreement and insure Bill understands the driving rules, expectations and consequences.  The Browns advise Bill they have hired Quest Driving Safety to conduct periodic driving evaluations to keep him safe, protect the families assets, insure he is driving in a safe manner and assist them in identifying and correcting unsafe driving habits.

The Quest Driving evaluator goes to Bill’s school and locates his car.  When Bill drives away the evaluator follows him for approximately 15  minutes and  observes his driving actions.  During the evaluation it is noted that Bill consistently follows vehicles from too close a distance, failed to signal for two right turns, made a U-turn over a simulated island and was talking on a cell phone without a hands free device.

The evaluator completes the evaluation and forwards it to Quest Driving Safety. After the evaluation is approved it is sent to the Browns.  After receiving the evaluation the Browns discuss the evaluation results with Bill and discuss how he can improve his driving.