Whitney Johnson is concerned her 89 year old father Michael Johnson may have reached the point where he should no longer drive.  She is aware her father has been in two minor traffic collisions in the past three months.  Whitney lives in Boston and her father lives in Phoenix.  The distance makes it difficult for Whitney to determine if her father is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle.

Whitney hires Quest Driving Safety and provides us with detailed information such as the description and license plate number of her father’s car.  Whitney advises her father drives to church every Sunday and leaves at approximately 9:00am.

A driving evaluator is assigned to this evaluation and follows Michael Johnson from home to church. During the evaluation it is noted Mr. Johnson coasted through two stop signs, continually swerved within his lane and on several occasions drove very close to parked cars.

The evaluator completes the driver safety evaluation and forwards it to Quest Driving Safety for review.  The evaluation is then emailed to Whitney.  After reading the evaluation Whitney decides to use the evaluation as an intervention tool when she suggests he stop driving.